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Thank you Allan, your Art Project is very generous, i was happy to have participated.... For my artfriends who come and read, some of your words.... ...The Bridging International Healing Art Project is, simply: A world-wide energy amplifying process using art and the collective energies of many.....and the result of having the collective energies of so many unbelievable, creative, people, from all over the world thinking, meditating on, and manifesting Bridging Heaven & Earth " will be huge...... So, big big Luck and Light to all the masters of Peace who make conferences throught your videos... Love and Blessings Sylvia

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 11 août 2012

your art is so beautiful/powerful/inspiring/healing/ really is amazing.....we are so honored and delighted to be in collaboration with you in the bridging int'l healing art project....thank you.....thank you.....thank and blessings....allan....

Allan États-Unis | 11 août 2012

Toujours aussi magnifiquement artistique ! ² ²² ²²²²² ²²²² ² ²²²²²²²² ² ²² ²²² ²² ² ² ² ² ²² ²² ²

Gaillard Mélanie Panama | 8 juin 2012

Thank you for my friends who vote for me on the preliminary voting currently opened for the showdown on Saatchi Online for my painting ... Beta Pectoris..... Art on you SAB

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 16 mars 2012

Dear Sylvia Adjabroux London, 26 December 2011 You are invited to apply to participate into YAI's London & Berlin Art Festivals 2012. The selection will be done by a jury. Jury (provisional draft): - Uta Grosenick (Taschen and Distanz art editor) - Agnes Kohlmayer (curator) - Carlo Massarini (critic, journalist TV) - Markus Miessen (critic consultant, writer) - Jennifer Rubell (artist, writer) - Vanessa Satten (XXL Magazine editor) - Rob Sharp (arts correspondent The Independent UK) - Nicola Trezzi (Flash Art International NY editor) - Angela Vettese (IAUV Venice)

Yai Young Roumanie | 12 janv. 2012

Wow, where marks the end of the year?

Jeompogma Lettonie | 4 janv. 2012

Dear Sylvia, I am pleased to inform you of an exciting opportunity to join an international publicity program based in New York City as well as exhibition in Broadway Gallery in SoHo, New York City. My name is Abraham Lubelski, the publisher of New York Arts Magazine, and owner of The Broadway Gallery in NYC and Beijing Arts Space in China. I would like to invite you to join our publicity program that includes an exhibition in New York City in January 2012. I am interested in your work "Don’t Touch Sun" and I believe it would be an important addition to our program. The colors are bright and dynamic, drawing your eyes in. The expression on the figure is powerful and matches the body language. By paying close attention to the intuitive works of each artist, we are hoping to construct an exhibition of works that truly speaks to our viewers and subscribers. With this program you will get one year of publicity, full page in NY Arts Magazine (sold worldwide in major bookstores), an exhibition in the heart of NYC, in Broadway Gallery, a spread in Art Fair International Newsletter along with a year subscription, for a cost of $1,900. This is a media driven event and offers both emerging and established artists the broadest media coverage possible. Abraham Lubelski Publisher NY Arts Magazine 473 Broadway, 7th floor, NY, NY 10013 | 212-274-8993

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 23 nov. 2011

Thank you Alex, it's very nice, your adress of your site doesn't work!

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 23 nov. 2011

Hello! Beautiful site! This is my. PJRT 蒻

Alex Ukraine | 7 nov. 2011


Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 9 oct. 2011

My dearest Frank, your beautiful message is Beauty fulll!!! ha ha!!! it's not a new site, remember, you've came one year, my big fiend cartooner of Usa, i've changed the PAO that's why perhaps, you think it's a new one!!!! I wish you the best of the best and i thank you again to bring me a so great support on my Artwork, it's very very very niceeeeee!!! Big Artkissss to you <3

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 9 oct. 2011

Beautiful works, my dear friend. I love your new site as well. I wish you nothing but the very best, always! 'tooner :)

Frank Scicchitano États-Unis | 8 oct. 2011

Kevinnnn!!!! What a great surprise to read you!!!! After the big hurricane, you're safe!! Big thank you to support my Artwork, your comments are beautiful, me also, i'm happy to know you and discover your wonderful Art. Artkiss, my Artfriend (-_^)...<3

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 4 oct. 2011

Merci beaucoup Christelle, pour vos voeux si chaleureux!!! c'est très très gentil votre commentaire sur votre tableau préféré, j'ai, en effet, adoré le peindre en noir et blanc.... Joyeuses fiançailles en attendant le mariage, moment le plus artistique de la Vie...Soleil sur vous et à très bientôt pour que je vois où en sont vos aquarelles....Bien à vous, Sylvia.

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 4 oct. 2011

The storms, the lightning,the thunder, nightdreams and have captured it all and made it yours. Your brushstrokes tell a story. The world doesnt seem like such a dark place anymore. I'm glad I know you, now I want to live to be 100 years. Kevin

Kevin Gerien Brooklyn New York, États-Unis | 26 août 2011

Bonjour , c'est Christelle , la fiancé de Sébastien . Il vient de me faire découvrir votre site , qu'elle plaisir je prends a regarder vos œuvres, toutes ses couleurs, tous ses traits, c'est si beau, sa m'apporte de la joie , et de l'éveil . Bien sur mon préféré c'est omraam Mikael Aivanhov, mais ils sont tous magnifiques, pleins d'énergie,et de puissance . Un jour j'espère avoir les moyens de m'en offrir un. Bonne continuation , je vous souhaite de toujours croire en votre lumière , car je pense que c'est elle qui vous aides a voir la vie telle que vous la voyais . " Om mani padme hum" Christelle ...

Christelle France | 10 août 2011

Thank you so much Doc David Engstrom... The Squiggle sens of the complementary Nature is a very inspiring for creation..I'm impressed by the Chronicles of Metastabilian in which you wrote...Thanks a lot to share...All the Best...MTSBWY...MTSBWme :))))

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 25 juin 2011

Hi, Sylvia, enjoying our communcations. best from Doc David Engstrøm

David A. Allemagne | 25 juin 2011

Merci beaucoup Valérie,vos mots sur mon travail artistique sont très encourageants pour créer des rouges encore plus vivants.....Très heureuse de découvrir votre travail également plein de fushias éclatants du bonheur de peindre....:)))....à bientôt...Sylvia

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 4 juin 2011

Un petit poème juste pour vous souhaiter un très joli mois de Mai...Sylvia Un bouquet de muguet, Deux bouquets de muguet, Au guet ! Au guet ! Mes amis, il m'en souviendrait, Chaque printemps au premier Mai. Trois bouquets de muguet, Gai ! Gai ! Au premier Mai, Franc bouquet de muguet. Robert DESNOS

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 1 mai 2011

Suite à la vente Haïti Action Artistes, co-organisée par La Maison des Artistes, nous avons pu réunir plus de 70 000€ pour les artistes de Haïti. Merci à vous ! Ce sont plus des deux tiers des œuvres qui ont trouvé preneurs lors de la vente Haïti Action Artistes. Aux dires des experts, c’est un résultat exceptionnel pour ce type d’évènement ! Alors encore merci à tous, artistes, collectionneurs, et à tous ceux qui ont participé de près ou de loin à cette belle aventure. 100 000 € ont été récoltés et serviront à aider les artistes d’Haïti ! Mais ce n’est pas fini ! Il reste encore quelques 200 œuvres que vous pouvez encore acquérir jusqu’au 8 octobre, comme le veut la législation en matière de ventes aux enchères. Alors profitez en sur le site d' Ader!

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 8 avr. 2011

Hey Sanelaaaaa, I discovered a little late your nice words....on my work....i'm happy you have find me...Very surprises i was...Big big thank you...ART HAS NO FRONTIERS.....Protection on you :))))

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 29 mars 2011

Rudy....AMAZING you are....SMILING with INDONESIA......was magic, thanj you for the energy on the philanthropic project of Marek...We all be linked by a smile for children...IT'S THE BEST....:)))Read you soon :)) BIG THKS TO Y :)))

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 29 mars 2011

Jurjen.....Sorry to write your name with artistics letters....!!! :)))

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 29 mars 2011

Jurgen......what a good surprise to read you :))) You're Welcome !!!!! Thank you for your support....))))

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 29 mars 2011

Dear Kanwal, I don't forget you.....i hurry to finish my paintings, i will be very very soon you.......I thank you to have worked with me and i send you a big inspiration for the future!! God bless you.....dearest friend :))))

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 29 mars 2011

Dear Rodney I am very happy that you appreciated my artistical world...With eyes as lynx as you can have, you might have observed all the wow wow! Big THANKS TO YOU...BIG STAR :)))))

Anonymous Wallis-et-Futuna | 29 mars 2011

The work is very interesting Sylvia ....

Rudy Moraszo Inde | 25 mars 2011

Dear Sylvia, I simply love those pure intentions behind your work. Keep up the good work. My support is with you always! Much love...

Kanwal Zafar Panama | 8 mars 2011

hello ... I like your work very much , you paintings are beautiful,awesome ...sorry I do not speak French :( it is great to be your friend at least on FB :) ...

Sanela Bolivie | 5 mars 2011
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